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A Post?!
detective conan
Hello ^ ^  *looks out from behind rock*
Oh my god! There's finally a post on my LiveJournal!
And I've had it for... two years now?!

I guess first I could start by introducing myself...
My name is Amanda, or Kaito...  I'm from Texas, United States, where we tend to usually have only two seasons... cool and really hot.
I like anime and manga, mostly shounen series, but lately I've been watching less anime and more dramas and tokusatsu.  I'm a proud fan of the Japanese idol group/colorful boyband Arashi and have been since the beginning of 2009, as well as a fan of both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai which I started watching last year.  I became a fan of Arashi through Sho and his role as Gan-chan in the live-action Yatterman movie, and also because of the wonderful theme song for the movie, Believe. ^^  I love listening to Arashi's songs, as well as watching their member dramas, concert videos, and variety shows.  I was introduced to Kamen Rider around February~March last year because of the awesome theme song for Kamen Rider Decade called Journey Through the Decade and it's PV, which is performed by none other than GACKT!  I started watching Super Sentai later in the year with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger due to their appearance in Decade.

I probably won't post much or often, but I hope to be able to interact with other fans and hopefully also make some friends ^^.

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lmao, TWO YEARS??

welcome to the party, finally:P


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