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detective conan
One of my friends got me to watch the anime Tiger & Bunny because it's one of his favorite anime.  I finally finished it the other day (and stayed up way to late in the process).  Since my friend's birthday is on Monday, I thought I would try to surprise him by making him a plush of the bunny that Kotetsu gets for Barnaby (or Bunny-chan).  I originally planned for it to be about 3 feet tall, but I ended up buying too much material for him... so somehow he ended up being 5 feet (more like a body-pillow than a plush ^^;;).  He took me most of the day yesterday and part of this morning, but I'm really glad that I finished him and he turned out pretty good.  Maybe some time I will try to make one again for myself ^^.

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I'm so sorry!

I must have missed this post when I was browsing my F-list because I don't remember you posting... EVER!

It's really cute!! <3

It's fine. Any posts that I may make are very few and far between ^^;;

Thank you ^^ I was so glad that I finished him in time for my friend's birthday. Bunny-chan ended up almost as tall as me! (I'm only about 4~5 inches taller...)

I hope to attempt to make more plushes in the future (I still need to finish Marvey-chan/GokaiRed...)

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